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June 15 2017


The Alaskan Harbor Where Bald Eagles Scavenge Like Pigeons

They pick through garbage and steal pizza from locals.

Twitter Redesigned Itself to Make the Tweet Supreme Again

More than any single change, the new design refocuses Twitter as place you go to see what's going on.

When You Will Encounter Genuine Emotional AI

This post When You Will Encounter Genuine Emotional AI appeared first on CloudTweaks Connected CloudTweaks.

Genuine Emotional AI Recent tremendous growth of mobile technologies and advancements of artificial intelligence (AI) in virtually any industry will give a boost to some quite unexpected applications of AI in the coming decades. Emotional AI is one of the…

This post When You Will Encounter Genuine Emotional AI appeared first on CloudTweaks Connected CloudTweaks.


This $10 accessory makes Apple's AirPods almost perfect - CNET

The AirPods don't stay in everybody's ears equally well. Sports fins fix that problem, but create another.

After years of GamerGate harassment, Brianna Wu's still fighting - CNET

Internet trolls turned Brianna Wu's life upside down. But, she's running for Congress and thinking all isn't quite lost.

Step into Julian Assange's office -- and into his head? - CNET

What has five years in this tiny room done to the WikiLeaks founder? CNET’s Richard Trenholm goes inside a perfect re-creation to imagine life in Assange’s shoes.

What iOS 11 tells us about the iPhone 8 - CNET

We like to read between the lines. Don’t you?

HPE Trips Over Australian Tax Office’s SAN

ATO's incident report reads like a cautionary tale for service providers on how not to instill confidence. Read More


'The Handmaid's Tale' Recap, Episode 10: Dystopia Ain't Good at Happy Endings

The season finale of Hulu's show promises a story for Offred that Margaret Atwood's book never told.

Arctic Climate Change Study Canceled Due to Climate Change

Arctic sea ice is unexpectedly in motion, making the research trip far too dangerous for the ship and the scientists it would be carrying.
Phishing Campaign Stealing Money and Data from Industrial Companies

A quick guide to hosted desktops for accountants

At Key Computers, we specialise in providing Software as a Service (SaaS) to accountants. We understand how accountancy firms work, and what they need to share and maintain information securely. And, in this short guide, we take a look at one of the technologies helping accountants to succeed – hosted desktops – and the benefits […]

The post A quick guide to hosted desktops for accountants appeared first on Key Computers.

Bright Computing Adds Cloud Bursting Support for Microsoft Azure

Forget smartwatches: This tattoo could soon track your health - CNET

Harvard and MIT researchers teamed to create color-changing ink that detects bodily changes.

The Pharmacy of the Future Is Ready For Your Bathroom Counter

The online pharmacy PillPack is ready to change how you deal with your medications.

Georgia’s 6th District Runoff Election Doesn't Have a Paper Trail to Safeguard Against Hacks

Without a paper trail, Georgia's elections don't have anything to fall back on in the case of outside interference.

Highspot raises $15 million to perfect your sales pitch

Salespeople have a lot of things to sell and the latest technology can help them sell even more. Do you think you have the perfect pitch? Highspot will tell you if you’re wrong. Or at least that’s their pitch. Highspot’s software analyzes various communications with prospective clients, including presentations, case studies and training videos. Then it provides data about… Read More

Classical music streaming no longer plays second fiddle - CNET

Spotify and other streaming services aren't very good at managing classical music, which is where new dedicated service Primephonic comes in.

Report shines light on how cheap it is to create and disseminate fake news

It’s not hard to tell a 500 word lie, but it’s a little trickier making that lie look credible by having it published thousands of times in media that looks legit. The creation of disinformation is nothing new, but its reachability has perhaps never been so worrying. A new report by cybersecurity firm Trend Micro […]

The post Report shines light on how cheap it is to create and disseminate fake news appeared first on SiliconANGLE.

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