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July 17 2018


Lawmakers Don't Grasp the Sacred Tech Law They Want to Gut

Decades ago, Section 230 gave tech companies sweeping power to police content on their platforms. Now some lawmakers want that power back.

A Giant Iceberg Grounded Itself Near a Greenland Town

It’s retreated, but the risk of what happens with a grounded iceberg is almost luck of the draw.

6 Weird and Awesome Amazon Prime Day Deals

Already own an Echo Dot and an Instant Pot? We have a few fascinatingly strange Amazon Prime Deals for you.

A House Republican Joins the Fight to Save Net Neutrality

Colorado's Mike Coffman signs a petition to force a vote on a measure to restore the Obama-era rules. Backers still need about 40 more members to sign on.

Astronomers Discovered 12 New Moons Around Jupiter. Here's How

Eleven of them behave a lot like Jupiter's other moons, but the twelfth one is weird (in a good way).

Best Prime Day Gaming Deals (2018): Xbox, Nintendo, PC, Headset Deals

Some fantastic gear for gamers is on sale for Amazon Prime Day, including consoles, headsets, PCs, accessories, and games.

Does Comics Culture Have an Inferiority Complex?

The comics industry, and its fans, are no longer the underdogs.

BMW's Launching an Uber Competitor in Seattle

The automaker's ReachNow car-sharing service now lets users book rides with pro drivers, putting it in competition with and Uber Black and Lyft Lux.

Crispr Can Speed Up Nature—and Change How We Grow Food

It took thousands of years for humans to breed a pea-sized fruit into a beautiful beefsteak tomato. Now, with gene editing, scientists can change everything.

How Google's Safe Browsing Helped Build a More Secure Web

You may not have heard of Safe Browsing, but it's made the web more secure for over a decade. Here's its story, from the people who built it.

RealNetworks Launches Free Facial Recognition Tool for Schools

A new facial recognition tool by RealNetworks aims to keep kids safe in school. But privacy experts fear the unchecked surveillance of kids could go awry.

Self-Driving Cars Finally Get an Easy-to-Read Rule Book

Inrix's 'Road Rules' platform lets cities compile details about things like stop signs and school zones in a computer-friendly format that any self-driving developer can fold into its software.

July 16 2018


Why Sinclair's Bid to Buy the Tribune Company Might Die

FCC Chair Ajit Pai, long seen as supporting the deal, suggests sending it to a judge–often a graveyard for merger proposals.

Strikes, Boycotts, and Outages Mar Amazon Prime Day

Workers in Europe, upset by talk of cuts in pay and benefits, plan walkouts during one of the retailer's biggest promotions.

Rubio, Warner Stress Election Security After Trump-Putin Summit

Senators Mark Warner and Marco Rubio both cast President Trump's appearance in Helsinki as a major setback in the fight against Russian interference in elections around the world.

The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Home, Outdoor, and Lifestyle: Instant Pot, Zojirushi, Fitbit

Pull your shattered life back together with our favorite home and outdoor deals this Prime Day.

The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals (2018): Home, Laptops, Echo, Kindle

Prime Day is finally here! We have the deals you're looking for.

Trump-Putin Press Conference Gave Russia Everything It Wanted

By refusing to acknowledge Russia's role in election interference, Trump has given it the green light to continue.

Best Prime Day 2018 Deals: Echo, Kindle, Fire, Cloud Cam

Fire HD Tablets, Fire TVs, Kindles, Cloud Cams, Echo speakers, and more are as cheap as they'll get for Prime Day.

Star Wars News: Look Out for Billy Dee Williams in 'Star Wars: Episode IX'

The actor has reportedly signed on to join J.J. Abrams' next 'Star Wars' movie.
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