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February 08 2018


John Perry Barlow, Bard of the Internet, Dies at 70

The co-writer of Grateful Dead hits fought for the internet's highest ideals and co-founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation. He was also an unforgettable friend.

Waymo v. Uber Trial: Travis Kalanick Completes His Testimony

A calm ex-Uber CEO waves away suspicious communications, and Waymo hasn't quite connected the dots.

Tesla Burns More Money Than Ever as Model 3 Production Crawls Along

But CEO Elon Musk is as optimistic as ever that the problems are only temporary.

February 07 2018


Feds Take Down Infraud, a $530M Cybercrime Forum That Lasted 7 Years

Infraud may not have been as famous as dark web markets like the Silk Road and Alphabay, but it far outlasted both.

Scammers Are Stealing Bitcoin on Twitter With a Classic Scheme

A new twist on the classic Nigerian Prince scheme has jumped from gaming communities to Twitter. And now it's spreading.

Build Your Valentine a Retro Gaming Console With These Deals: Vilros, Dell, Amazon Echo

Need new tech for yourself or your sweetie? We have a few suggestions here.

Photos: Meet the World's Most Hardcore LARPers

This is what it looks like to take Live Action Role Playing to the next level.

With AI, Your Apple Watch Could Flag Signs of Diabetes

The connection between heart rate and diabetes is poorly understood. But that’s not stopping a deep learning tool from finding one in your wearables data.

Biopunks are Pushing the Limits With Implants and DIY Drugs

Surgically installed vibrator or earthquake-sensing foot sensors, anyone?

The AW609 Is a V-22 Osprey-Inspired Private Plane

Leonardo's AW609 is a VTOL aircraft meant for the civilian market.

Inside NBC’s Social Media Strategy for the 2018 Winter Olympics

The days of #NBCFail are over—the network is planning to keep the PyeongChang video pipe flowing free and strong.

Air Gap Hacker Mordechai Guri Steals Data With Noise, Light, and Magnets

Researcher Mordechai Guri has spent the last four years exploring practically every method of stealthily siphoning data off of a disconnected computer.

Something's Off About This Slow-Motion Bullet Video

It's time to do some physics-based forensics.

How to Take Back Your Facebook News Feed With Settings and Extensions

It's easy to feel beholden to the Facebook's algorithm tweaks, but there are plenty of ways to customize your experience.

A Bid to Solve California’s Housing Crisis Could Redraw How Cities Grow

California State Senator Scott Wiener is pushing a bill that would rejigger zoning laws—and fight climate change, reduce traffic, and build a new urban future

The Big Question in *Waymo v. Uber*: What on Earth Is a Trade Secret, Anyway?

Plus, a well-hydrated former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick takes the stand.

February 06 2018


Microsoft, IBM Facial Analyses Struggle With Race and Gender

Study finds that facial-recognition services from Microsoft and IBM are significantly more accurate for men than women and for whites than blacks, adding to concerns about bias in artificial intelligence.

How Self-Driving Cars Use Lidar Laser Sensors to See

Laser-shooting sensors are a key component of self-driving cars. But we can also use them to defeat our enemies.

SpaceX Successfully Launches the Falcon Heavy—And Elon Musk's Roadster

The Falcon Heavy rocket is now the most powerful launch vehicle in the world.

Winter Olympics 2018: What’s the Hardest Move in Ice Dancing? Twizzles

Olympians make things look easy when they're not. But the hardest parts of their jobs aren't always what you think.
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